The live documentation application to accelerate APIs development and integration on both sides, client team and server team.
Live Interactive API Documentation and Browsing for RESTful APIs.

Key highlights

XML Powered
Easy generation with a simple XML structure.
Live API
Developers execute calls right from the API documentation.
One place for docs and testing.
Easy Playing
Pre-populated testing values over APIs.
Switch Servers
Change server environment before testing.
Share API
Share it with your teammates or customers.

Fast, powerful API documentation & test calls

Write your API in 30 minutes. Share it with your teammates or customers. Let them use the API mock to take your API for a spin--without writing any code. Iterate, rinse & repeat. Coding can wait until you know what your developers really need.

You want to make it fast and easy for developers to start building with your API. Apidox let you achieve that with a clean, powerful interface for executing live API calls right from your API documentation.

One place for docs and testing: Developers execute calls right from the docs, so there's no need to jump back and forth to a separate console.

Apidox support online testing APIs as well as static samples definitions including errors codes, samples and information for every method.

Apidox in action

Apidox is a small, simple and powerfull PHP application that creates a documentation from API XML structure definitions or annotations in your source code.
With Apidox, your developers spend less time toggling, cutting, and pasting—and more time coding great apps even testing API in severals envirnoments, because Apidox lets you change the base URL on-fly.
{API} powered <XML/>
    <!DOCtype method SYSTEM "method.dtd">
    <method hidden="N" type="GET" uri="/" description="Search service on movie database.">
        <param name="s" type="string" required="N" value="Batman" description="Any movie title"/>
        <param name="page" type="integer" required="N" value="2" description="Page number"/>

            <error code="100"/>
            <error code="101"/>

            <![CDATA[This is an example.]]>

            <![CDATA[This is more information about this method.]]>


Apidox is a free to use, open source application.
Code released under the MIT license.
Contact, support and error reporting on GitHub.